Founded in 2008 and approved by the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA),
the Conference Secretariat for Higher Education (CSHE), also called Jesuit Higher
Education Association South Asia (JHEASA), contributes to all the higher
education institutions, research institutes in the provinces/regions and
ecclesiastical institutes within the Conference by accompanying and assisting
them in their mission of reconciliation and justice. It helps build avenues of
discernment, networking and collaboration among and between the institutions
by listening to the key stakeholders, leading to a significant impact of the
intellectual apostolate of the Society. It makes strategic interventions on issues
of higher education in South Asia and beyond from the perspectives of the
Society’s decrees and policies and represents effectively in the national and
international forums to advance its mission.

Specific Tasks

  1. Participating as a member in the Board of International Association of
    Jesuit Universities (IAJU), and representing in international fora of higher
  1. Assisting and accompanying any apostolic platforms like Jesuit
    Worldwide Learning by remaining a liaison between JHEASA institutions
    and the platforms
  2. Preparing and maintaining a data base of those who are involved in the
    ministry of higher education and ensuring that it is updated each year.
  3. Promoting and building a Jesuit identity and branding of the higher
    education institutions in JCSA ministry by and giving a unified vision and
    concrete action plans
  4. Organizing and conducting at least one annual meeting of the members
    of the Secretariat (Province Coordinators of the Ministry) and all the
    heads of higher education institutions – Jesuit Higher Education
    Association South Asia (JHEASA), and periodical zonal meetings of
    province coordinators in the four zones
  5. Implementing Conference Apostolic Plan for higher education in the four
    zones in consultation of Zonal Coordinators who serve as a consultative
    council for the Secretary
  6. Infusing enthusiasm, energy, and agility into the ministry by introducing
    new innovative initiatives in response to current challenges the ministry
  7. Preserving documents, legal papers, government orders and others and
    sharing information about new developments in the ministry
  8. Organising workshops/seminars/consultations at the Conference level
    to capacitate Jesuits and Collaborators in major focus areas of higher
  9. Providing mentoring institutions to the institutions that need assistance
    and accompaniment in their growth and development
  10. Overseeing the official website of the Ministry – JHEASA – by updating
    information about the activities and news of the ministry in the
    conference and in the provinces/regions.