Contribute to making IAJU communications more effective, global and rooted in the universal mission of this network and its priorities.


In the following years the committee aspires to:

  1. Offer advice to the IAJU communications team at a strategic and operational level.
  2. Facilitate for IAJU a more fluid communication and connection with the higher education institutions in each region and with the primary and secondary education apostolate.
  3. Support IAJU communication growth (community) and content initiatives.
  4. Identify and foster connections and collaborations among regions.
  5. Share information and best practices among committee members.


Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration and networking, the six regional higher education networks (AJCU-NA, AUSJAL, AJCU-AM; AJCU-AP, JHEASA and the Kircher Network) have joined efforts in the “Best Practices in Jesuit HighEd Project”.


The IAJU invites the academic community to participate in the global initiative, “Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education,” with the aim of:

  • sharing best practices and know-how;
  • promoting academic collaboration;
  • encouraging reflection;
  • facilitating the exchange of quality knowledge;
  • and identifying strategic colleagues in common areas and themes.

This common project combines the publication of an Online Quarterly Letter and the organization of Webinars featuring the authors of the articles, both of which will be displayed in mirrored blogs on the websites of the regional networks.

Next Steps

The first edition of the Online Quarterly Newsletter will address the themes of pedagogical innovation and Ignatian pedagogy.

* The deadline for submitting articles for this issue will be January 31st, 2021. See the parameters below

Guidelines to Submit Articles

Presentation Letter